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When I became a Girl, an Unexpected Love Quarrel Occurred! Ch:2

Chapter 2:The Unnerving Sister’s Attitude

Author: Sakura Kazoku (桜田家族)


I ran to go check myself out at the mirror. And I confirmed that something incredible did happen, I actually became a girl.


“Onee-chan, What’s wrong? You’ve been acting weird since you woke up.”


Alice walked over from behind me and started to gently comb my hair.


“I wonder if it’s puberty?. . . “


I guess it’s okay if you say it’s puberty.

Well what’s more surprising than becoming a woman is Alice being kind.

As I said before about my sister, this is really strange behavior.





Alice tilted her head with a smile in response to me calling her.

This is honestly really unnerving, although her smile is very cute.


“Uh,i-if I was actually your Onii-chan, what would you think?”



Alice stared at me with confused eyes.


“Well I don’t really understand what you are asking because I’ve only ever had an Onee-chan.”


I looked closely at her eyes from the mirror and it doesn’t look like she is joking.


“But if you were my Onii-chan, I wouldn’t want to peak at Onee-chan when you are in the bath or steal your underwear.”


W-what? Who does that?


Does Alice really steal people’s clothes? Well, She really did take my clothes as she wanted.


That reminds me.One time, I saved up for a long time to have enough money to buy stylish T-shirt. I left in the washer once and when I returned it was gone. I looked all around for that T-shirt for such a long time only to find Alice wearing it later on.

Because the size was much larger it didn’t actually fit her, but that didn’t stop her.

When I found her she was sitting on the couch with her feet up on it along with her. Her knees cozy snug in my shirt.

I have a larger size but if you put your knees in there it will definitely be stretched too large.

Sure enough once I got my new stylish T-shirt it became a poncho.


I truly had a hard time buying that shirt. It was all saved spare change, spare money I could’ve used to get Juice or Ice cream. However I didn’t use it for those, I wanted a T-shirt. It wasn’t easy, I often had a craving for Ice Cream or was really thirsty when walking home. And yet. . .

    Also, She would steal my gym uniform and use it for lounge wear. When P.E came I had to just rely on short sleeve shirt and shorts.She also used to wear my shoes without my permission. Although the size was too big her feet, it did mess up the padding.

After that I began to wear my gym uniform as pajamas, Although they were stretch too much, I had to use scissors to cut the excess length.


I feel like crying just from thinking about it.


“Onee-chan, what’s wrong?”

“. . . I was just remembering something from the past.”


Alice seemed to have notice me falling into depression and called out to me. I answered her while trying not to cry.

Anyways, Alice stole my clothes a lot. I have never tried to steal her clothes though.

But it seems that this whole Onii-chan question is confusing her.

It’s hard to believe this, but it seems that I am supposed to be a girl from the start.

I don’t know why yet, but it will lead to trouble if I keep claiming myself as a man. It will be troublesome if everybody thinks I am crazy.

Anyways- – –


“Your Onee-chan isn’t beautiful. . .”


I murmured once I saw myself in the mirror.

Ordinary black hair, cut shoulder length. Normal black eyes, and normal skin, not particularly fair.


I am slightly taller than Alice and my breast are a bit bigger, but compared to Alice, I am just normal.


It looks exactly like a female version of me.

Turning into a woman was very surprising, but maybe because I look so alike  I don’t feel that weird about it.(だからなのか、女になって驚いてはいるけど、違和感があまり無いんだよな。)(MATRE helped.)

“That came out of nowhere.”


Alice looked at me with a sad expression. She stopped combing hair and rested her head on my shoulder.


“Onee-chan is the best in the world. You are the best sister Alice could ever have.”(Alice is using a very cutesy was of talking about herself, by referring to herself by her name.)


I closed my eyes for a second as I heard Alice’s sweat voice whisper that into my ears, sending shivers down my spine.

More so than me becoming a woman, Alice’s attitude is much more off-putting.


TN notes.This is a late time for me posting a chapter, time of day wise.

I was actually surprised by the amount of positive feedback for this novel. I wasn’t sure if this would register well with most people. It’s nice to see it all so thanks for all of the comments.It’s also been added to novel updates so quickly which is actually really surprising. I don’t know if it was a bot or somebody who did it but It was a pleasant surprise. Less work for me, although the last time I checked it didn’t have a summary.

I’m a bit scared to write that summary cause I don’t know if it will be correct seeing has how I translate is usually not directly translating it. It usually doesn’t translate or flow well so I have to mostly rely on the meaning and content of the sentence. So if somebody else could do it that would be greatly appreciated. Although if not I might cave and do it myself. The summary seems a bit more sacred so I especially don’t want to mess that up.

Next chapter is in like 2-6 days.probably way shorter but a new chapter of “I was just” was just posted so I haven’t decided if I’ll translate that first or not. Kinda torn with that one.Let me know what you guys think.Also here is the Raw:https://ncode.syosetu.com/n2139ex/

Coffe link here it is. https://ko-fi.com/G2G6EFF3#


23 thoughts on “When I became a Girl, an Unexpected Love Quarrel Occurred! Ch:2”

    1. She was actually probably possessive before, it’s just that him being male also incited a bit of a tsundere response in her. But all bets are off with them both being girls.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Thanks for the new chapter! Alice is a bro/siscon regardless of what form the MC is in. XD
    I would pick ‘I was just’ to be translated first since I’m more hyped to see the crumbling reveal of the quadruplets swapping. XD

    Liked by 1 person

  2. So what exactly happened? I had so many questions. I didn’t understand anything about his circumstances. That aside, this series has a really weird introduction. I’ll be looking forward for more chapters.

    Thanks for the chapter [⌒o⌒]


  3. As far as I understand so far-
    Guy has a sister, she is a two-faced bitch that shows her venemous side.only to him, she released stress by picking on him, she went home directly even though she has.many friends,, she stole his clothes, she refused to let him go outside, all pointing towards a tsun-yan dere attitude and a.brocon.
    One day he turned into a girl and woke up to being hugged by his sister.
    The world was rewritten as if he was a girl from the start.
    Most likely since they were the same sex “her” sister was now more honest about her feelings.
    Does that help? I included some of my opinions inside so take it with a grain of salt.

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Well I hope too. But based on what happened to the MC… I mean his sufferings… There’s a high possibility that this one is going to be intense

        Liked by 2 people

  4. だからなのか、女になって驚いてはいるけど、違和感があまり無いんだよな。
    Forgot the first part (だからなのか) which is the part that relate the previous phrase (It looks exactly like a female version of me.)

    It would be something like this:

    It looks exactly like a female version of me.

    Maybe that’s why although i was surprised turning into a woman, I don’t feel that uncomfortable with it.

    Sry for my english, is not my first language 😦


    1. Thanks a ton for the input. I’ll change it so it’s more inline with the direct meaning. It does at a bit more meaning to the sentence, so thank you. Also, Your English was pretty good.


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