When I became a Girl, an Unexpected Love Quarrel Occurred!

When I became a Girl, an Unexpected Love Quarrel Occurred! Ch:4

Chapter 4: Friends with Cute Girls


“Good morning Amane-san!”

“Amane-chan, Ohayo-!”

“Ama-Onee-san, Ohayo-!”(Ohayo=Good Morning.Sure you guys know that.)



We just arrived at school, Alice and I were walking down the hallway while multiple girls called out to greet me.

It wasn’t just one girl, it wasn’t just two girls. It was many girls.

At first I thought they were just making fun of me,but now I don’t know.

I am a girl now, so I could understand that more girls would greet me now. But why is everybody calling out to me.

It’s like the girl version of me is really popular.


What the heck is happening. . .


When I look at Alice from my peripheral vision, she is just smiling proudly.

It’s unbelievable to be in this situation, but what is even more eerie is Alice smiling proudly.


We finally arrived at the classroom.I walked in with the creepy Alice.


“Amane is here!”


As soon as I entered the class room a high pitched voice was raised, and a small girl came running over.




Alice smiled and gave a greeting to the girl that ran over.


“Ohayo, Alice.”


This girl seems to be the one called “Kuu-chan”. She gave a wide smile grin sorta like a boy.

At first glance you wouldn’t expect her to be a high school senior because of her small height, You’d only be able to tell because of her uniform. Her long black hair goes down to her waist. She has large cute eyes, her appearance is very cute.

So this is Yanomiya Sora. Although she has such a young appearance, she is famous in our class for being very pretty.

So it really is Yanomiya-san as “Kuu-chan”.

By the way, I had almost never talked to Yanomiya-san before. I mean, I was alone. I almost never talked to any of my classmates.



“Amane-chan, Ohayo-.”


Two girls Followed Yanomiya-san and greeted me.


“Rin-chan, Ena-chan, Ohayou.”


Alice greeted them with a smile. All I could do was awkwardly smile and wave at them.

I simply just observed what was happening.

It’s better to just wait and not speak.


“Ohayou, Alice.”

“Alice-chan, Ohayo-.”


The two of them returned the greeting with a smile.


So this is Takanashi Rinka. Her black hair is styled in twin tails, and her eyes are much more slanted. She gives of the impression of a strong woman. Though her actual personality is a diligent student who is kind with good looks. Moreover, she is very athletic and excels in P.E.


And right next to Takanashi-san is Kiniwa Ena. She has chestnut colored hair with a shoulder length haircut. She gives the impression of a proper gentle girl. Although she seems to be poor when it comes to physical activities. She is also the owner of the biggest breast in class, so she is usually highly praised by the boys.


Takanashi-san, Kiniwa-san, and Yanomiya-san. These girls seem to be the girls I am always with. I have no idea what to do, these girls are way above my league.

I am honestly scared.

I said it was better to just wait and see, but honestly, I am just frozen solid. I am too nervous to move.


“Hey Alice, Why is Amane just staring? Also she just raised her hand to greet us. Is she feeling sick?”


Takanashi asked Alice while glancing at me.

This is the first time I’ve seen Takanashi so close. Yeah as I thought, she is really cute.


“She has been acting weird since this morning, but she doesn’t seem sick. She just says it’s just puberty.”


Alice responded with a giggle. Takanashi then slowly grew a sly grin.


“Puberty she say? Or maybe,Did she perhaps fall in love?”


Takanashi raised her voice while smirking at me.


“Ehh!? Amane-chan in love!? Will the boy she like be okay ! ? Because I am seriously worried about Amane’s fans, they might attack him!”


Kiniwa-san face went pale as she started blurting out her fears. Her generous breast swaying with her outburst.

This is my first time seeing Kiniwa-san so close, and yeah. They definitely are large.


“I don’t think they’ll attack him, but if Amane did gets a boyfriend, a lot of people will be depressed.”


The small Yanomiya-san looked up at me and murmured.

I looked around and in the class room I saw boys shoulders being dropped and heads hanging in disappointment and girls making noises, some girls are even crying.


What the heck. . .?


“That’s not true!”


I jumped in surprise as a loud voice came from besides me.

I looked over to Alice who had tears welling in her blue eyes and trembling with a red face.

What’s wrong? What’s going on?


“My sister can’t have a boyfriend! Because she has Alice! Onee-chan is Alice’s Onee-chan! She will never abandon me! We will be together forever and ever!”


Alice loudly yelled that while having tears pouring out of her. Trembling soon after.

This is no little joke, All three of them were taking this serious. I didn’t say anything and yet Alice instantly jumped to that conclusion.

Does she usually just start crying? Well regardless, she seems to be an extreme sis-con. She seems attached to me and will repel anybody who gets close.


“S-sorry Alice. I just intended it to be a light joke.”

“D-don’t cry Alice-chan. Please.”

“Calm down Alice. Amane will never get a boyfriend.”


The three of them are calling out to her in vain. She is still shaking and the three of them are glancing at me.



–   – Help me.


The three of them are just silent now.

Looks like they already gave up.Although,now I am starting to feel bad.

If something isn’t done this will just get worse.

I gave a small sigh, forced a laugh,brought her into a gentle embraced her, while tenderly stroking her head.

Usually, if I ever stroked Alice’s head she would just call me an “idiot big brother! Don’t treat me like a child just cause you are a second older!” She would threaten me harshly as well.


“Onee-chan. . .”


Her loud voice seemed to have disappeared. She gently raised her face,which was stained from tears, then cuddled with me.

Not again, this bad feeling.


“I-I will not have a lover, so calm down. . . .”


While I was remembering that uncomfortable feeling, I called out to Alice with cramped face.


*Murmurs* Murmurs*. I looked around the class and everybody was watching. It gave me goosebumps.


“Then say. . . .”


Alice still had her face buried into my shoulder and murmured.


“Say Alice is the most important in the world. . . .Say it.”


What the heck is she saying? Isn’t that kinda stupid?

I knew that she was a sis-con but perhaps it goes way beyond what I could’ve imagined.

I mean, I guess it was already stupid by crying in class, but now she wants me to state loudly that she is the most important in the world?

I timidly looked around the class, everybody was watching me with anticipation for what I’ll say.

The boys and girls with their faces dyed red, watched silently.

The three people close to me are clearly excited, just by watching us.

What on earth is going on here? Please somebody tell me.


Though it seems like nobody will help me, nobody will come.


“A-Alice is the most important i-in the world. . . .”


Somehow, I managed to squeeze out that.


“. . . .Yup.”


Alice seems to agree and nodded while her face was still in my shoulder. She then hugged me tightly and giggled happily.

Don’t just tehee. How can you just laugh and smile after all of this trouble? This is way off from what Alice used to be.

However Alice’s laughter was soon over taken by the loud rustle being raised all around the class.


“So Cool. I also want to hear that from Onee-chan.”

“I wish I had a gentle kind Onee-chan. I wish that above anything else.”

“Amane-san, you really are the ideal Onee-chan.”


I started to hear murmurs all throughout the class.


“But Alice said it, it’s not fair that they are always together at home too.”

“Amane-chan isn’t as beautiful as Alice-chan, but she is so really nice. I want a moderately pretty and kind Onee-chan.”

“So early in the morning and something lovely already happened.”


The girl’s voice started to raise their voices.

Meanwhile the boys are just silent, while they are looking this way with bright red faces.

What the heck is happening? Why are you guys blushing? If you have something to say then just say it.


“As one would expect from Amane. She is able to say something so embarrassing, yet it works.”


Takanashi-san raised her voice with a bright red face.


“ I want an Onee-chan like Amane-chan.”


Kiniwa muttered that with shining eyes, Takanashi-san nodded many times in agreement.


“That was sweet, so sweet. I usually can’t drink coffee black, but with this much sweetness I feel like could.”


Unlike the other two people who had their cheeks dyed red, Yanomami-san muttered that with scornful eyes.

Just from me saying Alice is the most important person in the world, she could just say she could drink coffee from how much sweetness is in the air? Isn’t that kinda cheesy?


I was thinking about those scornful eyes when suddenly the classroom which started to get loud suddenly got quiet.

All the shrill voices from the girls disappeared, and the glancing from the boys stopped, as they just averted there eyes.


And then I felt a presence behind me.


“Ohayou-Gozaimasu, Amane-san.”


I heard a clear beautiful voice from behind.

Alice vigorously raised her face which was still buried in my shoulder. Then glared at something behind me.


I timidly looked behind me, and once I saw her my eyes unintentionally widened.

Long beautiful silver hair which shined brightly in the sunlight. With blood red mysterious eyes.

Standing behind me was the other one of the “two beautiful girls” in my school, the only one that stands toe to toe against Alice. Yurizono Arisu-san.


(百合園ゆりぞのアリスさんだった。)(TN:Abit confused with the name. Is it just Alice? Just like Alice from before? Is her name just Yurizono?)(If it’s actually just Alice this might get confusing. Alice the sister is written in hiragana(ありす) and this new girl who may also be called Alice is written in Katakana(アリス). So for simplicity’s sake, I’ll just change her name to the Romaji Arisu. So her name is Arisu. Also fun fact. Arisu, 百合園 has the kanjis used to say Yuri. The lesbian love.)


Yea. I am definitely going to need to make a character sheet, I already forgot all their names. So gonna have to do that. Sorry for the delay with the chapter, it was much longer than the chapters I usually translate, also I got busy. Here it is though, now there is a nega Alice as well. The love rival appears. Also she is a proven Yandere now.

Next chapter in like 2-4 days. There isn’t a new chapter of “I was just” so I’ll translate the new chapter of this novel.

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