When I became a Girl, an Unexpected Love Quarrel Occurred!

When I became a Girl, an Unexpected Love Quarrel Occurred! Ch:21

Chapter 21: Mama Onee-chan.


Author: Sakurada Family.

Character Cheat Sheet: For everybody “including me”. To help remember all these names and characters.

Minazuki Amane(水無月周 aka あまね) Our protagonist. Ordinary black hair, cut shoulder length. Normal skin, not particularly fair with ordinary eyes. Slightly taller than Alice. And her breast are a bit bigger.

Minazuki Alice(ありす) Golden Shiny hair, blue eyes. Fair soft skin. She is pretty much really beautiful. one of the two beauties in school.


Takanashi Rinka(高梨凛花)Aka Rin-chan. Black hair styled in twin tails. Eyes more slanted. Gives impression of strong woman. Is a diligent student who is kind with good looks. Very good athletically.

Kiniwa Ena(砂庭江奈) Aka Ena-chan. Shoulder length chestnut colored hair.Gives off the impression of a gentle kind girl. Poor with physical activities and got big boobies.

Yanomiya Sora(夜乃宮蒼穹) Aka Kuu-chan. Looks like a elementary student at first glance but she is a high school senior. Her long black hair goes down to her waist. She has large cute eyes and a really cute appearance in general. Is manly and reliable. Making her perhaps Amane’s favorite.


Yurizono Arisu-san(百合園 アリス) She has long silver hair which shines brightly in the sunlight. With mysterious red eyes and a clear beautiful voice. Other one of the two beauties in school.百合園 also has the kanji for Yuri as in the lesbian kind in it. Also has pretty decent size breast.

It’s Alice using the super cutesy way of her referring to herself with her own name. I don’t always translate it, but I’ll do it some times, so keep that in mind. Also I don’t always translate the “-sans” but Amane usually uses them.



Around me, there is an erotic ninja,a shrine maiden, something like a waitress with the emphasis on the breast, somebody wearing a lovely Swiss alps apron dress, and a swordsman.

Yup so cute.


“I always wanted to wear something like this!”


While wearing an outfit that’s something like a waitress, Kiniwa said happily while giving out a double peace sign.

Kiniwa has such a gentle personality, so she really fits the service industry. Right now she is wearing something along the lines of a family restaurant waitress outfit, although I think she would look amazing in a maid outfit.

However there is one problem. A sizable one. There is a part of her that is too assertive and it’s hard not to only look at those.


“I also wanted to try wearing these. . .”


Takanashi is wearing a frilly lovely Swiss alps apron dress. Her face is bright red as she uncomfortably fidgets around.

Obviously, it’s really cute. I want to take a picture of her, frame it and hang it in my room.

Moreover, she has black twin tail hair and sharp eyes. So she has that tsundere appearance, however she doesn’t have any traces of a tsundere personality.

It’s a terrible gap from her appearance and personality.

Contrary to that beautiful tsundere appearance, she has that strong reliable yet friendly personality.

She is fidgeting around embarrassed in her Swiss apron outfit. She is looking with upturned eyes at me saying “Does it fit me?”.

For some reason, I feel like this is such a Takanashi reaction.- – – –


“It looks lovely on you.”


I told her. She went red and covered her face with both hands. Meekly saying “Thank you.”

She is unfairly cute.


“I am a mighty swordsman. I am very very strong. How strong? . . .Pretty strong.” (TN:She also uses the 拙者 “I” that only samurai really use.)


Yanomiya-san’s long black hair was tied up in a topknot chonmage hairstyle. She had a ash gray kimono with a black hakama. She had a toy sword tied to her back. It definitely emits a strong manly aura.


“Don’t worry Amane. I’ll protect you if ruffians attack you. For I am a mighty swordsman. I’ll strike them down where they stand.”


Yanomiya says with a steadfast expression.


“Thank you mighty swordsman-san. I am counting on you.”


After I said that, I pat her head.

Her face dyed red and her mouth went to a triangle shape. She happily waved her hands.

Hahh. So cute.

This child is always cute.


“I think everybody looks really cute. But. . .”


Blonde hair shrine maiden-san said, then looked towards me with her face dyed red.


“Onee-chan is so Onee-chan. Even though she was already so Onee-chan.”


She then began to hug me.


“I’m super jealous about Amane. Because it looks almost like casual wear it won’t be that embarrassing to wear it in public.”


Takanashi said to me while blushing and smiling.

Well, the content of me are male, so I don’t think wearing cute clothes fit me.

Although I like looking at them.


“I never would have imagined a nursery cosplay. The power of it highlighting Amane-chan’s Onee-chan-ism is terrifying.”


Kiniwa said with a smile.

Your outfit is terrifying.


“Mama Amane is nice.”(TN:It might translate to “As it is, it makes Amane look nice.”.あまねはあまねのままのあまねがいい” Although I’m really not certain. まま=As it is, although it can also me Mama. Although it’s usually ママ but sometimes authors don’t write it in katakana. So I am confused.)


I brushed Yanomiya’s head while she said that with a triangle mouth. She pulled on my shirt like a lost child.

I’m a Mama?

After I heard Yanomiya I looked around me.

Everybody is so showy and cute. While I am just plain and ordinary.

My contents are that of a man so I don’t really care that I’m just plain. So it’s fine.

However if my heart was a woman’s.

I might have made a big mistake.

I thought my female self might have ran away because of Yurizono and Alice, but now I’m not too sure.

The female me is so, average. However the female me is suppose to be charming. But what did that me think?

If I look around me, there were always beautiful girls with her. And they all adored her.

For me with the heart of a man, this is truly heaven. But if I look at it from the point of view of a woman, well it might be a totally different situation.

My sister is an amazing beauty, and her rival Yurizono is on the same level. All of my trusted friends are gorgeous.

And me. Well I’m just mediocre compared to them.

As a man I can’t truly understand the distress that may have caused.

The female me might have felt really self-conscious compared to them.

My sister is a popular beautiful girl, and along with the rival and friends they were all extremely yearned for.

Because of such a large gap to all the people around her, she may have felt extremely inferior. And perhaps jealous.

She may have harbored all those feelings until they were piling up, till they were unbearable to handle. Perhaps she couldn’t handle it.

If that was the case.- – –

Perhaps the female me would feel more at ease at the male me’s world. Men don’t really need to feel jealous or inferior when it comes to beautiful girls.

Well if you want to head back, just let me know anytime.

The male me and female me may have an identical existence, but I am the big brother.

I never met or talked to the female me, but I am should be the Onii-chan, so therefore you can act spoiled.

. . .Well actually you are an Onee-chan too, so for now I’ll have to entrust you with Alice.

. . .I felt a sharp pang in my heart when I remembered the past.

I need to get out of my head.


Then I realized something. I lowered my eyes and then saw two white hands extending from behind me and they started massaging my breast.


“A,Amane-san. Amane Onee-chan. . .Hahaha.”


From behind I heard rough breathing.

I feel strange. . .


“Mama, Mama, Mama Amane Onee-chan. . Arisu wants mama’s milk. I want to suck Mama’s nipple. . .Hahah.”


There is an erotic ninja messaging my boobs while pressing into me and breathing heavily.

I’m being sexually harassed by a ero-ninja.

Alice is in a daze hugging me and the erotic ninja is going insane while sexually harassing me.

I looked around me and everybody seems to be in their own worlds having a friendly conversation. They aren’t aware of the sexual harassment from a ninja.

Hey pervert. If they notice you, you’ll probably be killed. So you need to quietly. calm down and end this






The erotic ninja laughed while walking and holding her bloated cheeks.

She was found sexually harassing me and promptly beaten fully by Alice.

It seems like the pleasure of sexually harassing me was enough to overcome the pain of the beating, so she is just happily laughing.


“Yurizono don’t go anywhere close to Amane.”


Takanashi is actually pretty angry. It’s an usual sight.


“You shouldn’t be laughing about that.”


Kiniwa said in a low voice. She is usually so kind, it’s kinda unsettling.


“Seppuku. You should commit seppuku.”(Seppuku=ritual suicide for those who don’t know.)


The swordsmen Yanomiya demanded Yurizono to commit seppuku while stabbing her butt from behind with her toy sword. She isn’t holding back.


“If you do it again. I’ll truly kill you.”


Alice the shrine maiden is hugging my arm while giving a death threat to Yurizono.

Honestly I wish they would calm down a bit.


There was a fight at the cosplay shop once they realized the harassment. After that we bought our outfits and left while wearing them. We are currently walking through the shopping mall in our cosplay.

There are a lot of people walking by us and glancing at us. There are plenty of people here so I’m sure there are more people than just them watching us. Well because we are all doing cosplay and they are so different, there wasn’t an uproar about thinking there was an event happening.

By the way, Alice’s shrine maiden and Takanashi’s Swedish apron outfit were pretty popular with the men and women. They must have thought they were cute.

While the Yurizono’s Ero Ninja and Kiniwa’s family waitress outfit was particularly popular with alot of the men. I don’t I need to explain why.

The tiny swordsman Yanomiya was really popular with the women. They were always giving her peaks and squeals.

And then there is me. My existence honestly disappeared, because of all the glamour and shine around me. Plus I was wearing something pretty plain.

If people did notice me they probably would have thought I was Kuu-chan’s guardian or something.

Well knowing that I’m not the center really does put my mind at ease.


“Mama. . .”


I heard a faint voice and stopped to look around.




Alice also seemed confused and called out to me.

I definitely heard something. Like somebody was calling out for help.

Then I saw her.

There was a little girl with a red balloon in one hand while rubbing her eyes with the other.

She was scared and overwhelmed. Hiding behind the escalator and shaking.


I ran over to her as fast as I could.


“Are you okay?”


I crouched down to the girls level and gently asked her. I brushed her head trying to calm her.

She looked up at me then tears swelled in her eyes.




She hugged me tightly after loudly saying that.

Because I’m dressed like a daycare worker, she probably thought I was her kindergarten teacher.


“It’s okay. It’s okay. Your safe now, Sensei is here. I’ll find your Mama.”


I softly whispered to the girl while I brushed the back of her head.

Suddenly her body went limp.

I looked down to see the girl had her eyes closed while gently breathing, it seems like she was softly sleeping.

She must have felt so scared and anxious. It seemed to have exceeded her limit, but once she saw her kindergarten teacher all her tension must have broke, so now she softly fell asleep.


I gently picked up the sleeping child and brought her to the lost child center. They broadcasted her finding to notified her mother, the frantically worried mother quickly appeared to pick her up.

Once I made sure that everything was settled and she was alright I turned around so I could look for Alice and them.

Alice, Yurizono, Takanashi, Kiniwa, and Yanomiya were looking at me dumbfounded. There were also a lot of people standing around me and watching me.


“Virgin Mary. She is the virgin Mary. . .”(聖母 TN: can mean virgin mary specifically, or birth mother of a holy person.)


Takanashi muttered that. Then suddenly the people around me started to applause.


“So young but she made an amazing daycare worker.”

“Amazing. Right when she saw a lost child, she instantly flew to her like a bullet and made sure she was alright.”

“Acting like a kindergarten teacher to make sure she didn’t worry.”


The people around me were raising their voices in admiration while clapping.

C-Can you guys stop clapping. . .It’s embarrassing.


“My Onee-chan is the best in the world-!”


Alice raised her voice while proudly pushing her chest out with her hands at her hips. That made the applause get louder and more people gathered around.

Alice please stop. You are embarrassing me.

I guess there is no problem with people gathering, it’s just really embarrassing. As long as the girl found her mother I’m happy.

However then- – –


“As I thought, Amane is extremely lovable.”(Or maybe “As I thought, I love Amane.”私やっぱりあまね大好きだわ)

“For real Amane-chan. It was so cool how you just ran towards that lost child and saved her. It was the coolest thing I ever seen.”

“I want to sit on Amane’s lap.”


All I did was make sure that child was alright, and now my stocks have skyrocketed. It’s really embarrassing.


“Mama Onee-chan Amane!”

“I told you I’ll kill you if you sexually harass her again!”


Then a fierce fight between a shrine maiden and ero-ninja began.

Maybe cosplaying as a childcare worker was a bad idea. . .

(I talked about the confusing aspect of 保母 or daycare worker or kindergarten teacher or nursery school student or childcare worker, and etc. You get the point. It has a wide definition so It’s hard to translate that into English.)



Another heart warming fluff chapter. I like these chapters. Also got some Kuu-chan cuteness and another possible reason female Amane left. I don’t know if I buy that, or maybe there isn’t even a female Amane and reality just changed. Who knows(No spoilers). Also sorry about all the TN notes in this chapter. I hope it didn’t mess up the pace of chapter too much. Just felt like I needed to add context.

Next chapter in 3-5 days, It’s a decent size

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    1. pretty sure she is the comic relief right now. Like team rocket except in a fluff novel. Most of the stuff she does is harmless to Amane and them, like they are bother but don’t care that much. if they truly despised her they wouldn’t allow her to hang out with them, and Alice,kiniwa plus Amane even have a sweet spot for her. Thats just my 2cents. Although hopefully she never get teamrocket annoying. Well with this chapter. she definitely was pushing her luck with all of the characters, besides oddly enough. Amane was the one that got harassed, but was also the one that cared the least.


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