When I became a Girl, an Unexpected Love Quarrel Occurred!

When I became a Girl, an Unexpected Love Quarrel Occurred! Ch:25

Chapter 25: I Want You to Depend on Onii-chan More.


Author: Sakurada Family.

Character Cheat Sheet: For everybody “including me”. To help remember all these names and characters.

Minazuki Amane(水無月周 aka あまね) Our protagonist. Ordinary black hair, cut shoulder length. Normal skin, not particularly fair with ordinary eyes. Slightly taller than Alice. And her breast are abit bigger.

Minazuki Alice(ありす) Golden Shiny hair, blue eyes. Fair soft skin. She is pretty much really beautiful. one of the two beauties in school.


Takanashi Rinka(高梨凛花)Aka Rin-chan. Black hair styled in twin tails. Eyes more slanted. Gives impression of strong woman. Is a diligent student who is kind with good looks. Very good athletically.

Kiniwa Ena(砂庭江奈) Aka Ena-chan. Shoulder length chestnut colored hair.Gives off the impression of a gentle kind girl. Poor with physical activities and got big boobies.

Yanomiya Sora(夜乃宮蒼穹) Aka Kuu-chan. Looks like a elementary student at first glance but she is a high school senior. Her long black hair goes down to her waist. She has large cute eyes and a really cute appearance in general. Is manly and reliable. Making her perhaps Amane’s favorite.


Yurizono Arisu-san(百合園 アリス) She has long silver hair which shines brightly in the sunlight. With mysterious red eyes and a clear beautiful voice. Other one of the two beauties in school.百合園 also has the kanji for Yuri as in the lesbian kind in it. Also has pretty decent size breast.

It’s alice using the super cutesy way of her referring to herself with her own name. I don’t always translate it, but I’ll do it some times, so keep that in mind. Also I don’t always translate the “-sans” but Amane usually uses them.



At last. The long awaited summer vacation is here.

Although right now I just remembered that it’s not all fun and games.

I’m currently in room room at a table. Taking a seat beside me is Alice. She is tackling her problems very seriously. We are doing our summer homework.

Honestly it’s a sight I never imagined I would see. Alice doing her own homework?!

I truly understand now. This Alice is different from the one when I was a man.

I was always the one that did hers. At first I thought it was unavoidable because she just pushed it on me. But gradually it felt like a duty, and then just a part of life.

Now I’ve lost that part. Alice is now doing her own work. So I should be happy.

And yet for some reason, I feel like I was robbed of it.


“A-Alice, If you have any question, you can ask your Onee-chan.”


I said while fidgeting.


“Yup. Thank you Onee-chan.”


Alice thanked me with a smile, then went back to her work.

She went on to just answer her problems.

It seems. . .It seems that Alice doesn’t need Onii-chan.


“I-If anything seems to hard you can rely on Onee-chan.”


I said restlessly.

Alice looked at me and sighed.


“Onee-chan is too sweet.”


It seems like she is okay without me.

This is the largest shock if received since seeing Kiniwa in the bath.

Being refused homework from Alice.

D-does, does Alice really not need Onii-chan?


“H-hey wait Onee-chan, why are you crying!?”


Alice asked me in surprised.

Why? It’s because Alice doesn’t need me anymore.


“I-I-If Alice has any problems by all means tell Onee-chan.”


I said while crying.

If you say you don’t, what do I even live for from now on?

I harden my self and gave a stiff smile.


“It’s my fault.”


She muttered.

Your fault? What?


“Recently Onee-chan as been so kind, so reliable, she gives me such a peace of mind and I’m so proud of Onee-chan. But I finally realized now.”


Alice said to me.


Realized? What did she realize?


“I love Onee-chan. I like her more than anybody in the world. I want to be with her forever. However, if we stay how it is now, it will be hard on Onee-chan. So in order for me to be with you, I need to work hard and not bother you.”


She said with a serious expression. She spun her pen in her finger as she got more motivated for her task ahead.

What do I do now that she has become so admirable.

I should just be happy, but I feel a hole opening in my heart.


I dejectedly and reluctantly began to work on my homework.

Well it’s not like we need to do it right now.

The first summer event, the trip to the sea, happens on the fourth day of summer vacation. By that time I was determined to finish our homework as much as possible by the third day.

High school senior students don’t have research projects.

So I thought we may do it for extra credit.

First I was going to work hard on Alice’s problems and then I’ll do my own problems.

And then I was going to start the free research project. First I would work on Alice’s project. Then I’ll work on mine.

But now Alice isn’t relying on me.


Alice finished half of her homework by the third day of summer.

I finished all of mine by the second day. I didn’t need to worry about Alice’s and she didn’t rely on my help at all, so I finished early. It was honestly boring.


“I knew Onee-chan was smart, but have you gotten smarter than before?”


Alice muttered that while working on her homework.


Well I did study twice the amount as a normal person because Alice pushed all her work to me. In addition to when I needed to tutor Alice, I needed to put together her notebook. Thanks to that my grades sharply rose.

It’s all thanks to Alice.


“I-I will also work even harder!”

“Eh? Wait, Alice?”


Before we left for the beach, Alice pulled an all nighter that night and finished it without relying on me once.

Honestly, It was lonely.

What do I do? What do I do if Alice doesn’t need me anymore?

With my anxiety growing, the trip to the sea came. The first event of summer vacation starts now.



Didn’t expect to see me so soon. Me neither. I also did what Alice did an pulled an all nighter* and finished this.(I didn’t actually do an all nighter, I just stayed up late.) It was such a short chapter and I was already almost done, so I did it anyways. Plus now we can move on to the actual summer vacation.

Also this is what we call co-dependency kids. Also maybe a touch of Stockholm syndrome. Maybe her next character arc is her coming to term about Alice becoming independent of her. And that she can become her own person. 

Next chapter in 2-5 days.

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19 thoughts on “When I became a Girl, an Unexpected Love Quarrel Occurred! Ch:25”

  1. An unexpected direction! For sure, summer homework always had a really… somehow doing it made me feel isolated, alone, and depressed. Even completing homework next to someone else made me miserable. It was fine as long as I wasn’t doing homework though. The other person could still work on it, and I could even help them without feeling sick.

    Umm, anyway. Good job Alice! You worked hard! Amane did as well, but. She needs to become more independant. After that, if they both stay closer to each other its fine.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I guess it was just a comfort. Her entire life has been based around Alice, so even though it was painful it was all she knew, so it’s weird for it to change. Poor Amane.


  2. This is not co-dependency, co-dependency is when both sides rely on one another for support and can’t live without one another.
    This is a clear case of the remaining influence of a Stockholm syndrome.
    Since Amane is projecting the former Alice on the current Alice.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I mean. Like Alice would probably die if Amane went away from her. So Alice is completely dependent on Amane. It’s vice versa. Alice just wants to be more independent but so she can still depend on Amane. Also a co dependent person is somebody who just enables and over cares for someone, they feel wholly responsible for them. Which Amane does. It’s a co-dependent relationship. Not saying Stockholm elements aren’t being involved. Regardless they have some issues they need to deal with.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Denying someone’s help due to your pride(responsibilities)?! And at top of that, its onee-sama’s helping out of all people!! This is madness!!!

    Many thanks for the chapter!~~~

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Well… I guess my my nonsense in the comment section in the past chapter was somewhat right lol. Thank you for the update ~


  5. Thanks for the chapter~
    Before we left for the beach, Alice pulled an all nighter that night and finished it with relying on me once.
    that “finished it with relying on me once” should have been “finished it without relying on me once” or maybe “finished it without relying on me even once”?


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