When I became a Girl, an Unexpected Love Quarrel Occurred!

When I became a Girl, an Unexpected Love Quarrel Occurred! Ch:26

Chapter 26: It Finally Happened.


Author: Sakurada Family.

Character Cheat Sheet: For everybody “including me”. To help remember all these names and characters.

Minazuki Amane(水無月周 aka あまね) Our protagonist. Ordinary black hair, cut shoulder length. Normal skin, not particularly fair with ordinary eyes. Slightly taller than Alice. And her breast are abit bigger.

Minazuki Alice(ありす) Golden Shiny hair, blue eyes. Fair soft skin. She is pretty much really beautiful. one of the two beauties in school.


Takanashi Rinka(高梨凛花)Aka Rin-chan. Black hair styled in twin tails. Eyes more slanted. Gives impression of strong woman. Is a diligent student who is kind with good looks. Very good athletically.

Kiniwa Ena(砂庭江奈) Aka Ena-chan. Shoulder length chestnut colored hair.Gives off the impression of a gentle kind girl. Poor with physical activities and got big boobies.

Yanomiya Sora(夜乃宮蒼穹) Aka Kuu-chan. Looks like a elementary student at first glance but she is a high school senior. Her long black hair goes down to her waist. She has large cute eyes and a really cute appearance in general. Is manly and reliable. Making her perhaps Amane’s favorite.


Yurizono Arisu-san(百合園 アリス) She has long silver hair which shines brightly in the sunlight. With mysterious red eyes and a clear beautiful voice. Other one of the two beauties in school.百合園 also has the kanji for Yuri as in the lesbian kind in it. Also has pretty decent size breast.

It’s Alice using the super cutesy way of her referring to herself with her own name. I don’t always translate it, but I’ll do it some times, so keep that in mind. Also I don’t always translate the “-sans” but Amane usually uses them.



It’s eight o’clock in the morning.

Alice and I have just finished breakfast and we finished packing our stuff for the sea trip. So right now we are just sitting side by side on the living room sofa.


It’s dead silent.

Alice is deep in thought. And I’m sure we are both thinking about the same things.

Yeah. It’s Yurizono’s sister.

She plans on taking us to the beach in her car.

By the way, she is suppose to come pick us up.

But what kind of person is Yurizono’s older sister?

It might be rude for me to say this, but I don’t have high hopes for her.

It’s because she is Yurizono’s sister.

That’s pretty mean, but if your sister is Yurizono, you know something isn’t right.


We should have been going to the pool. . .

But then Yurizono seemed to have free time during the summer vacation. Then decides to spend her free time with us.

So in short, she said she is coming with us.

So we can’t run away anymore.


“We really have no choice now.”


I muttered towards Alice, who was besides me.


“I never heard anything about an older sister from that cat.”


Alice said.

Yeah. I’m worried about that too.

Yurizono kept her older sister’s personality a secret. She is Yurizono’s sister, so I’m sure she is very beautiful. I can assume that even though I’ve never heard about her.

There is a possibility that she didn’t say anything about her because she loves her so much that she wanted to monopolize her. However- – –


(“It seems like my sister had some free time, so she said she will give us a ride in her car.”)


She said something like that.

It was in such an indifferent manner. Like she wasn’t that interested about that development.

I don’t think she hates her or anything.

But it seems like she doesn’t dislike or love her that much. She just really isn’t interested in her.

That’s why I feel so nervous about this. It’s so ambiguous.


“I can’t even began to imagine what that cat’s sister is like. For her to have such an indifferent attitude towards her.”

“Yeah. . .”


I nodded in response to Alice’s words.

It’s really unnerving. I’m truly scared. What kind of person is Yurizono’s older sister?




*Ding Dong.


Our doorbell range at 8:30. It was right when they said they would be here.

So it has begun?


My heart was thumping as I stood up from the sofa.

Alice stood up with me and firmly embraced my arm.


I’m nervous, and based on her reaction I know Alice is too.

“Is that your friend’s sister at the door? We should go greet her.”


Our mother in the kitchen appeared from the kitchen and said with a smile.

We wearily followed our mother to the entrance of the door.

My heart was beating so fast. I could feel Alice’s heart beating the same way from my arm she was holding+.

Our mother was oblivious to our worries and then just opened the door.




There was a woman at the front door who smiled and greeted our mother.

Our mother froze.

Alice and I also froze in place.

Long silver hair, that sparkled in the sunlight.

Mysterious eyes, red as blood.

With a height higher than Yurizono, and breast proportions that are more generous than Yurizono.

She had a straw hat embraced to her chest. Wearing a pure white sundress.

Beautiful. That is the only word that came to mind. The woman standing before us is beautiful.


“My name is Iris Yurizono(百合園イリス). I owe you guys alot for always taking care of my little sister Arisu Yurizono.”


Arisu’s older sister Iris introduced herself with a smile and in a soft sweet beautiful voice, then bowed towards us gracefully.


“My little sister has always had a. . .”energetic” personality. I’m sure she has been quite the handful. Maybe even annoying.”


Irisu-san said that with a chuckle.

What is happening? Iris-san looks so similar to Arisu, but she isn’t acting like an idiot.


“Onee-chan you are acting too formal.”


I heard a voice coming from behind her.

I looked over to see Yurizono standing there along with Takanashi, Yurizono and Kiniwa.

For some reason I feel relieved.


“Fufu, Sorry. Is that so? Onee-chan is too formal?”


Iris-san looked towards Yurizono, and like an Onee-chan, kindly answered. (TN: Amane kinda just refers to Arisu as Yurizono. Even though Iris’s last name is also that.)


It’s pretty strange, but she seems like a decent person.


How do I react to this?

Because she is Yurizono’s sister, she may have a ridiculous personality, and perhaps she is just putting up a facade. However it really doesn’t look like that. It even seems impossible.

Perhaps I’m just prejudice against her, because she is Yurizono’s sister.

Alice and I were still dumbfounded as Iris-san had a light conversation with our mother.

She said “it was a pleasure to meet you” to my mother and gave a grateful bow.


I don’t know what is happening. I’m scared because she seems extraordinarily like a decent person. I’m terrified.

I looked towards Alice and her face was pale. She was tightly hugging my arm.


With our fears and anxiety with us, we got into Iris-san’s large car.


Am I just acting strange?

If Iris-san really is a decent person shouldn’t I feel relieved?

Perhaps because it’s Yurizono’s sister I can’t help but feel on edge.


Hello. I didn’t think I would see you guys so soon.

The older sister reveal has happened. We don’t really know much about her, but we should next chapter. This was a pretty short chapter, but damn. Next chapter seems pretty long. So.

Next chapter in like 3-6 days. It’s a doozy. 

Also big thanks to ClueTeaEh for the donation and nice comment. Maybe I’ll get some tea instead with it. Although I don’t know if that breaks the terms and service of that website.

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16 thoughts on “When I became a Girl, an Unexpected Love Quarrel Occurred! Ch:26”

  1. Does anyone get a vampire vibe form her? Red eyes. Named iris. White hair. Beautiful looks. Perfect polite personality. That checks all of my list of streotypical vampire for me.

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  2. You know, a this point is somewhat strange that Arisu is not Chuuny.
    You know, silver hair and eyes…
    Maybe her sister… Nah…


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