When I became a Girl, an Unexpected Love Quarrel Occurred!

When I became a Girl, an Unexpected Love Quarrel Occurred! Ch:38

Chapter 38: A Moderately Important Event

Author: Sakurada Family.(桜田家族)

Character Cheat Sheet: For everybody “including me”. To help remember all these names and characters.

Minazuki Amane(水無月周 aka あまね) Our protagonist. Ordinary black hair, cut shoulder length. Normal skin, not particularly fair with ordinary eyes. Slightly taller than Alice. And her breast are abit bigger.

Minazuki Alice(ありす) Golden Shiny hair, blue eyes. Fair soft skin. She is pretty much really beautiful. one of the two beauties in school.


Takanashi Rinka(高梨凛花)Aka Rin-chan. Black hair styled in twin tails. Eyes more slanted. Gives impression of strong woman. Is a diligent student who is kind with good looks. Very good athletically.

Kiniwa Ena(砂庭江奈) Aka Ena-chan. Shoulder length chestnut colored hair.Gives off the impression of a gentle kind girl. Poor with physical activities and got big boobies.

Yanomiya Sora(夜乃宮蒼穹) Aka Kuu-chan. Looks like a elementary student at first glance but she is a high school senior. Her long black hair goes down to her waist. She has large cute eyes and a really cute appearance in general. Is manly and reliable. Making her perhaps Amane’s favorite.


Yurizono Arisu-san(百合園 アリス) She has long silver hair which shines brightly in the sunlight. With mysterious red eyes and a clear beautiful voice. Other one of the two beauties in school.百合園 also has the kanji for Yuri as in the lesbian kind in it. Also has pretty decent size breast.

Yurizono Iris (百合園イリス) She has long silver hair that shines. Pure red eyes. She is a gorgeous college student. She is Arisu’s older sister. She is taller and has a bigger bust than Arisu.


Also Even though Arisu and Iris have to same last name. Amane usually refers to Arisu as Yurizono. And Iris as just Iris.


It’s Alice using the super cutesy way of her referring to herself with her own name. I don’t always translate it, but I’ll do it some times, so keep that in mind. Also I don’t always translate the “-sans” but Amane usually uses them.



The sun was eventually overtaken by the night sky. The warm glow of the fire illuminated our surroundings.

Steam released from the lid of the rice cooker.

Then- –


“Good, It’s good. It smells so good. . .”


I could hear the drooling from Takanashi.


“A-as one would expect. I have high expectations.”


Kiniwa was holding back her salivating.


I made a stone cross to hold up the pots. In the center was an iron kettle cooking rice. And then around it were fishes, each with an iron skew in the middle so I could turn them over the fire. All of this combined was giving off a savory smell.

By the way, the curry was already complete. It’s just waiting on the rice and for the fish to be cooked, then dinner is complete.


“It’s going to be delicious! Absolutely delicious! I can’t wait!”


Yanomiya raised an excited voice as she watched the fish cook.

The fish is only seasoned with salt. Did you really expect us to have the best supplies out in the wild?

Regardless how simplistic it is, the smell is wonderful.


“Curry and fish is delicious. I’m really looking forward to it.”


Alice who was sitting next to me murmured.

The largest fish that Alice caught, the rainbow trout, was the fish everybody was excited for.


“Onee-chan is able to make that giant fish look delicious. You can enjoy that fish as much as you want, Onee-chan.”


I could hear the drooling coming from Alice.


“I prefer to see Alice enjoying the meal.”


I said that as I brushed her head.


“Geeze, Onee-chan. . .is too kind. . .I love you.”


She looked at me happily, then rubbed her cheek against my shoulder.


“Yeah okay. You can flirt with her at home, but for now, we would like to borrow your Onee-chan!”


Takanashi stood up quickly and pointed at us.

She was pointing at me so my face got hot. Alice’s face also went bright red.

Alice is usually more self conscious, but I guess she got too relaxed.


“I-is that right. I monopolize Onee-chan at home, so you can borrow her for a little.”


Alice said that in an embarrassed voice.

Lending me? Am I a pet or something?

On the other hand Takanashi and Kiniwa simply nodded.


“Well then, I’ll borrow her! Mama Amane Onee-chan!”


Yurizono, who was mesmerized by the cooking fish, snapped out it, vigorously stood up and ran towards me.


“Not you though!”


Bang* Alice immediately countered Yurizono with a slap as she approached me.



Yurizono was blown away and tumbled onto the ground.


“What the!?”


Right after Yurizono was knocked down she instantly rolled back up, and then ran back at me.

Although she is cute, she is a tough. She is a monster. It’s a bit scary.


“Alice! This beautiful girl isn’t normal! She is a demon! Only you can stop her!”

“Leave my Onee-chan alone!”


Right after that, the beautiful demon girl flew at me like a bullet, but then Alice stood in the way. With perfect timing, she redirected her with her fingers on the demon’s cheeks.


“Oww Owww Owww!”


The beautiful demon girl was easily stopped by that and brought to the brink of tears.




The demon girl cheeks were being pinched by Alice while the demon had teary eyes.




Alice is really delivering the pain.

The frail Yurizono can’t even counter attack.


Did all she want was to hug me.

You have a much more beautiful and kind Onee-chan.


Everybody simply smiled at them.

Even Iris-san was laughing.

Then I noticed the fish.


“Hey you two, the fish is roasted!”




Once I said that, the two of them stopped fighting and both had a smile on their face. Even though Yurizono still had a teary expression.

Those two really are simple. Thank to that, we are saved from this hassel.


“C-Can we eat already!?”


Yanomiya looked up to me with shining eyes.


“It’s alright, you can eat now. But be careful, it’s hot.”

“Okay! Thank you Amane!”


She thanked me. Then went over and lifted the iron stick that was stabbed through the fish.

She raised it the fish on a stick and it was browned plus sizzling.

Everybody was looking at it while trying to hold in their breath.


She brought it to her face and took a bite.


“It’s delicious! It’s really good! I don’t know how to describe it!”


She smiled happily after munching and said that.

She is really just digging into that fish.


“Sora really likes eating.”

“Just looking at her enjoy it so much is making me feel satisfied.”


Takanashi and Kiniwa were talking with each other while looking at Yanomiya with warm eyes.


“But I won’t just sit her watching!”

“That’s right! Let’s eat!”


The two of them then both raised their voices and went towards the fish.


“I-I will eat as well!”

“I want the best fish, the giant one!”

“Haa!? You caught the smallest fish! The biggest one me and my Onee-chan caught!”

“First come first serve!”

“W-Wait a second! Idiot!”


Alice and Arisu started fighting over the big fish.

I grabbed one of the cooked fish and got up to approach Iris.

Iris was happily gazing at the two of them fight. Once she noticed me, she simply smiled and tilted her head.

Yeah, she is really beautiful person.

While I thought about that, I sat next to Iris-san and handed her a cooked fish.


“There is plenty left, so please have some Iris-san.”


While I presented the fish to her, her stomach grumbled. Her face went red as she pinned down her stomach.


“W-well, I am. . .pretty hungry.”


She muttered that in an embarrassed voice. She then looked at me with upturned eyes.


I unintentionally felt my heart beating.

Takanashi could also hit me hard with upturned eyes, but please when you act like that it’s dangerous.


She took the fish, then gracefully gave a small bite.


“D-Delicious. This is the first time I’ve had such a delicious fish. . .”


After that, she went in a daze and just started to eat the fish.

I’m glad she enjoys it.


“Idiot, Idiot Idiot.”

“Let go Let go Let go.”


On the other side of that. Alice was pulling a teary eyed Yurizono’s cheeks.


“Oi. If you two don’t get your fish it will get burnt.”


Yanomiya snapped at those two, and reprimanded them.


“S-so Eat!”

“P-Please! Please let me have the biggest one!”


After Alice let Yurizono go, she clung and begged Alice for the largest one while crying.

She really wants the best fish.


“W-Well whatever. . . It’s fine. . .”


Alice folded her arms and turned away.

Yurizono’s face lit up and she stopped crying.



“She is a Tsundere, isn’t she?”

“Definitely a Tsundere.”


Takanashi, Kiniwa, and Yanomiya all called Alice a Tsundere at the same time.

Iris-san simply smiled at the situation.


After that, Yurizono ended up eating six fishes alone. Part of my fish actually disappeared, however that ended with Yurizono being heavily scolded by Alice.

It’s fine though. I’ve had these kinds of fish plenty of times in the past with my father. Moreover, if you are happily eating my food, then by all means, eat up.

I was very pleased to find out my curry was also pretty popular.

Yurizono ended up eating too much fish and didn’t have enough stomach space when desert time came. She ended up regretfully crying.


All in all. It was a pretty good dinner.




Sorry about the wait with this chapter. Well one day late. All well, it was a decently long chapter. It was just a pretty casual nice chapter, mainly a food chapter. Now that I noticed it, there are a lot of just “food chapters” in Japanese media. Or at least novels.


Next chapter in 3-4 days. It’s a short one so expect it on the sooner side.


Also thank you very much ClueTeaEh for the nice comment and donation. I really appreciate the kind words you’ve been giving recently. So thank you very much. Glad my translation can lead to unhealthy sleeping habits. I’m not sure I should be glad about that. But that means my work has impact.



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      1. Im talking about isekais where they make some japanese food and the other world people treat it like the best thing in existence (even tho if it was real they wouldnt like it as its too different from what they usually have, try giving sushi ect to english people most would refuse to eat)


  1. It seem like there will really a iris-amane shipping. 🙂 I really hope that there will also alice-arisu shipping i mean in the end they both like get spoiled by (amane/Iris) oneechan ^^


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