When I became a Girl, an Unexpected Love Quarrel Occurred!

When I became a Girl, an Unexpected Love Quarrel Occurred! Ch:41

Chapter 41: Yanomiya is not a Child.


Author: Sakurada Family.(桜田家族)

Character Cheat Sheet: For everybody “including me”. To help remember all these names and characters.

Minazuki Amane(水無月周 aka あまね) Our protagonist. Ordinary black hair, cut shoulder length. Normal skin, not particularly fair with ordinary eyes. Slightly taller than Alice. And her breast are abit bigger.

Minazuki Alice(ありす) Golden Shiny hair, blue eyes. Fair soft skin. She is pretty much really beautiful. one of the two beauties in school.


Takanashi Rinka(高梨凛花)Aka Rin-chan. Black hair styled in twin tails. Eyes more slanted. Gives impression of strong woman. Is a diligent student who is kind with good looks. Very good athletically.

Kiniwa Ena(砂庭江奈) Aka Ena-chan. Shoulder length chestnut colored hair.Gives off the impression of a gentle kind girl. Poor with physical activities and got big boobies.

Yanomiya Sora(夜乃宮蒼穹) Aka Kuu-chan. Looks like a elementary student at first glance but she is a high school senior. Her long black hair goes down to her waist. She has large cute eyes and a really cute appearance in general. Is manly and reliable. Making her perhaps Amane’s favorite.


Yurizono Arisu-san(百合園 アリス) She has long silver hair which shines brightly in the sunlight. With mysterious red eyes and a clear beautiful voice. Other one of the two beauties in school.百合園 also has the kanji for Yuri as in the lesbian kind in it. Also has pretty decent size breast.

Yurizono Iris (百合園イリス) She has long silver hair that shines. Pure red eyes. She is a gorgeous college student. She is Arisu’s older sister. She is taller and has a bigger bust than Arisu.


Also Even though Arisu and Iris have to same last name. Amane usually refers to Arisu as Yurizono. And Iris as just Iris.


It’s Alice using the super cutesy way of her referring to herself with her own name. I don’t always translate it, but I’ll do it some times, so keep that in mind. Also I don’t always translate the “-sans” but Amane usually uses them.



Yanomiya was firmly standing in front of the light trap.

She was looking at it steadily.

Although I can’t look at her the same way.

There is a reason for that. There is a reason I can’t look at a lot of them the same way.

There is a beauty mark between Takanashi’s thighs.

When she got up abruptly in front of me to cool off out of the bath, I saw it from the side.

I unintentionally saw it all.

Naturally, I feel really guilty about it.

Moreover when I was in a daze, Kiniwa said “I also have a mole.” and lifted her breast in front of me.

I couldn’t avoid seeing it.

She lifted her proudly lifted her chest so It was clear to see. It was under her boob.

She said she found it, and explained that when your breast are big they accumulate sweat underneath them. So to defend against irritation, she applies skin cream underneath them. However when she lifted them and looked in the mirror, she found that beauty mark.

She eventually got used to applying it, so she doesn’t need to look in the mirror anymore.

She carefully explained that.


And then there was Iris-san.

Because I not only saw Iris-san. I touched her.

I caught her when she was about to fall, and because of that, it was skin on skin. Both of us were naked.

She is the tallest of the group and her breast are second of the pack, with a slender figure like Takanashi’s while having a butt as large as Kiniwa. With a white delicate skin, smooth all around.

It’s a perfect body, delicately created by god.

I desperately tried to turn away so I could calm myself. Then I noticed it.

It was Yanomiya.

Yanomiya might actually be super dangerous.

It may be rude, but I thought that Yanomiya would have a more rugged body. That she would be as flat as a washing board.

However Yanomiya is a high school student. And she has a proper bust.

In retrospect, she was always wearing baggy clothes, and even her uniform was a little to big on her.

Because of that it was difficult to see her figure.

And now I saw it.

Yanomiya looks like the youngest and is the shortest, however she has a chest as large as Alice. Actually, perhaps it’s bigger.

When she moves it sways a little

She also had curves, and a nice rear.

I thought she was a child, but she actually has a very womanly figure.

Moreover her looks are equal to Takanashi. It may even humble Takanashi.

I can no longer look at her as a child.


Although, I can actually feel a pain in my heart. Like I lost something important.


There was also the time when Yurizono hugged me, however when there is so much going on, it didn’t really have an effect on me.

It goes without saying, but I was unfazed when Alice hugged me.

I’m more concerned about everybody else.

Well my body is completely female, so i don’t need to be cautious, but I can’t help but feel guilty for deceiving everybody.


“It was a huge success, wasn’t it?”


Kiniwa was standing next to me and said that with a broad smile.

I couldn’t properly look at her though. After I saw her in the bath, I can’t help but feel embarrassed.


“No way are we done here yet.”


It’s been nearly four hours since we installed the light trap. And once we got back from the hot spring, Yanomiya quickly went to go check on them.

There was a huge catch.


“T-This. This is. . . a mountain stag beetle.”


There was one bug that stood out stuck on the sheet.

With two fine stags. They acted like a crown for this insect. The king of the stags. Because these beetles are higher up on the mountains, not a lot of people get to see them up close. However we got lucky.


“I’ve always wanted to see the real thing. . . It looks even cooler than it does in the reference book.”


Yanomiya was crying heavily while she sat up her digital camera.


“Thank you for coming to see us.”


She thanked the bug and started to take pictures.

It’s because it’s Yanomiya’s dream to make her own insect book.


“Perhaps someday, Yanomiya’s book will be sold at bookstores.”


Kiniwa muttered that with a smile.


“Well if you love something that much, and you skillfully do it. Unexpected things can happen.”


Kiniwa elaborated on what she previously said.

Well there is just one unfortunate thing.

Yanomiya is taking pictures of a large number of insects gather on a light trap. Not showing them in their usual habitat.

It can’t be helped though, seeing that would be impossible.


“Mmh? That?”


On an unusually flat surface of the sheet, there was a large stag beetle.

No way. Is that a Dorcus Titanus?

Unlike that mountain stag beetle that prefers relatively high elevations. The Dorcus Titanus prefers plains and basins. So in other words, it’s in a very strange place. So I thought it was impossible to see one.


“Kuu-chan! Look Look! Look over here! It’s a Dorcus! It’s a giant Dorcus Titanus!”



I called out to Yanomiya and she came running.




Her eyes shined brightly when she saw it, as her body shook in excitement.

Alright! Mission accomplished! I fulfilled my promise.


Haa~ so cute.


After that, we ended up looking and taking pictures of insects until it finally got near 12 am. It was a fun night.




Another one in the pile, a short one, but still another one. Sorry I got busy so I couldn’t really work on it, because this chapter is so short I could’ve probably got it out sooner, ah well.

It’s nice that the author talked more about the spa seen. Felt like we were lacking “fan service”. It was hyping it up so much, but now we know about Yanomiya’s hidden side.


Next chapter in 3-4 days. It’s a longer one. Well at least compared to this shorter one.


After the camp arc, I have an announcement. Well not really an announcement but something I want to talk about. Anyways that will have to wait.


I have cold coffee today https://ko-fi.com/G2G6EFF3#


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