When I Reincarnated, I was One of the Villainess’ Followers. . .But I Decided to Live My Life Freely

When I Reincarnated, I was One of the Villainess’ followers. . .But I Decided to Live My Life Freely. Chapter 24: The Gears Go Mad.

Author: Kobitonomachi

Main Character. Shiran Regnart, doll like figure trouble maker.

Iris Glendes: Boyish androgounous straight forward bad girl.

Camellia Faun: The dependable “villain” of the world. Blond roll hair.

Lily Michelet: Beautiful charming protagonist of “Flower of Eden”

Margaret Nevar: Student Council Pres.

Cosmos Caprisky: Vice Student Council President, and Handsome Prince 

School is named Manjurika Academy

All characters in this “game” are named after flowers. To fit the yuri setting. Also this novel is ecchi

Translator: Mamuni


This is wrong. I’m the main character, I’m supposed to be the one to capture Shiran-chan. . .But, it’s strange. Ridiculos, Weird, Odd, Wrong, Strange, Bizarre, Ridiculous, Strange, Strange, Strange, Strange.

Don’t freak out, it just inadvertently upsetted me. Take a deep breath. Yeah. Hahh huu. Ah, imagine Shiran-chan’s smell.  

Let’s get back to the main issue. Well, Shiran-chan has always been my issue.

Recently, Shiran-chan and Iris have strangely got closer. And then they just both had to go missing today. . .What happened on the day of the ball? I can’t help but worry. But on the other hand, I refuse to accept that something happened.

I don’t think that moody Iris would do anything anyways.

Since Shiran-chan didn’t appear at the ball. For me, I lost the significance of even going to the ball, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t have to participate. So regardless of my own feelings, I had to be paired with Anemone-chan, who was also in a similar depressed mood.

I didn’t come here to advance my flag with a regular heroine! It would be a problem if I accidentally branched into an intended route, so I would like to avoid any of those situations as possible. The other party, Anemone-chan, had a bitter face as well, so I doubt there is any need to worry.

As soon as the ball ended, I rushed home as fast as possible. If she wasn’t back yet, I may lose my mind. . .

“Hehehe, welcome back.”

“I-I’m back, Shiran-chan. . . What the heck happened? I was worried.”

Thank goodness, I had nothing to worry about. Shiran-chan probably just skipped the troublesome ball, and relaxed at home. The reason Iris wasn’t there was probably as Camellia said, she forgot something back home. She is also a problem child, so I think they just played hooky somewhere else.

“Ehehe, I was just. . .playing hooky with my “bad” friend.”

“Wha. . . .”

That’s not good. I have a bad feeling about this. I can’t help but feel broken.

. . ..Ugyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

I began screaming internally, but it began to calm down little by little.

Just think positively. Since she has returned home, I guess nothing strange developed between them. Besides, Shiran-chan and Iris have always had a close friendship. It wasn’t unheard of to hear of them two skipping class together.

Yes, everything is fine. . .

However, I realized that I have wasted my time by doing these half hearted attacks, I won’t be able to deepen my relationship with her forever. 

Her capture difficulty is definitely in the realm of demons.

So if I want to win, I must do my best attacks more than ever. So prepare yourself Shiran-chan. I will definitely have the true ending with you. Fufufufu.


My roommate has been acting weird.

Well from the very beginning, Lily has always been strange. However the weirdness has been different these past days.

First of all, when I wake up, Lily usually sneaks into my bed and sleeps with me. Furthermore, when I get up and look in the mirror, there are many strange red marks on my neck. . .What is she doing while I’m sleeping?

Today, Lily has been holding me all morning, I couldn’t get up from the bed at all.

“So. Hey, Shiran-chan, let’s spend some time alone in our love nest.”

“No, we have class. . .”

“Come on, Shiran-chan. The outside is dangerous. I have to protect you from those one sided beast.”

“U-Ugh. . .”

Lily grasped me tighter, I was almost crushed this morning. . . too tight. Help me!

I pleaded to her, and she reluctantly released me. With a taste of freedom, I quickly got out of my futon and changed into my uniform.

I feel like Lily’s actions have been escalating every single day.

“Oh by the way, I prepared a present for Shiran-chan.”

“A present?”

What on earth could she give me as a gift? I would usually be happy about hearing I was getting a present, but due to her unusual attitude, I can’t help but worry.

“Yeah! Shiran-chan isn’t very fashionable, so I thought a choker would look great on you!”

I’m a bit disappointed it isn’t sweets. I want something sweet. 

When I invited Magnollia to go to that cafe. The cheesecake there was to die for.

“Close your eyes, I’ll put it on. Unless you hate my gift. . .”

“Um. . .Right now? I don’t hate it but. . .Okay, I understand.”

“Ufufu. It’s a special one. So don’t open your eyes until I put it on.”

“U-Uh okay. . .”

I have no choice but to close my eyes. After all, I have to agree to an honest request.

Lily went besides me while humming a song. There was a sound of her pulling something out of a bag, immediately after that, I felt her arm getting close to my neck.


. . .Huh? What is that rattling? That doesn’t sound like a choker. Somehow, I began to sense a feeling of dread. So I gently opened my eyes to see what it was.

What Lily had was a black leather belt. And the noise of that rattling noise was a metal chain that seemed connected to the leather belt. . .

That isn’t a choker, but a collar!?!

“I’m sorry, but I just remembered I have something to go to.”

“Eh. . ?”

I opened my eyes quickly and went towards the door. I feel in danger, so I just want to evacuate.

“Pardon me.”

“Geeze, Shiran-chan you meanie.”

Lily sharply replied, with an annoyed face. However, I just rushed out of the room.

While walking away, I looked back on the recent actions Lily has taken.

Is this the so-called Yandere?

I knew that there was a special attribute like that made for certains heroines, but. . .does there need to be one on the hero’s side? I would like to talk to the creators of “Flower of Eden”

In general though, such heavy feelings wouldn’t be aimed at a background character like me. Geeze. . .


She would have gotten away with it too if she didn’t bring out all her cards. Why the chain right away? Also how dense is Shiran. It’s kind of frustrating.

Like if you did.

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5 thoughts on “When I Reincarnated, I was One of the Villainess’ followers. . .But I Decided to Live My Life Freely. Chapter 24: The Gears Go Mad.”

    1. Life can’t be that simple it seems. I wonder how far Lily will fall. And I wonder how she would react if she finds out that Shiran is actually one of her classmates.


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